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Let it be construction or home improvement work, we are here to help!

We offer a wide range of construction and home improvement services to the people of Grand Cayman community. Have a look at the awesome services we have on board for you!

Consult with our expert designers to design your dream with a professional touch.

We only use the best materials for every single project we take. Ensure your home’s durability by working with us.

We’ll make your house so beautiful that it will make your neighbors jealous!

We provide instant repairs to all our clients even if their property shows the slightest sign of defect.

Building Construction

Building Construction Up To 3-Storeys

Our building construction service covers everything you might need to build your dream house from scratch. Starting from piling to making the house ready to move in, you do everything so smoothly. We handle building construction projects up to 3-storey buildings.We understand the weather and environment of Cayman Islands better than most other companies. Thus, we build houses with most compatible materials so that they last for centuries.

Interior design service

Interior Design and Installation

Proper interior design depends on a lot of things like the size and shape of the room, location of the house, design purpose, and most importantly, your preference. Classic people want their design to be simple, yet different. People who are energetic and young love to see design styles that consist of different incarnations. We understand these different needs quite precisely, and provide the best modern and contemporary interior design and installation service in Cayman.


Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel

A dream house is totally incomplete without comfy bathroom and kitchen. Bathrooms and kitchens are spaces you have to use every day, as you definitely need to take food and a nice shower at the end of your busy hours. Here in Douglas Construction we do not only make your bathroom and kitchen comfortable, but also beautiful! We simply don’t want to fool our customers with flamboyant and fancy designs, rather we give priority to every simple detail. We know it very well how important it is to ensure good air flow in bathroom and kitchen to avoid unpleasant smells.


Electrical and Plumbing Services

Electricity and water the two amenities you can’t live without. While building a new house, it is extremely important to give enough focus on quality electrical and plumbing installations. When anything related to electricity or water goes wrong, your life becomes extremely painful. That’s why Douglas Construction team features certified and licensed professional plumbing experts and electricians in Grand Cayman. We do installation, remodeling, renovation, and restoration projects.


Painting Services

The painting on your house represents your taste.It should also complement the house design, interior setup, and the environment.We provide both house painting and commercial painting services. Our goal is to bring the clients’ vision into reality and satisfy them to the fullest. Our professionals consistently review their own work to make sure every time we do a painting job it is better than the previous one. One single room or full house/office, we always get the job done. 


Drywall Finish

Without proper Drywall Finish, your house is not ready for painting or framing installation. A house with weak drywall finish will affect the painting in the long run and cost you more money unnecessarily. If you are thinking of installing frames for more lucrative interior installation, then the framing needs to be consistent with drywall finish before. To achieve a good result immense patience and finesse is needed from the get go. We can take care of any level of drywall finish in shortest time. Trust Douglas Construction to nail the Drywall Finish of your house!


Need Any Of Our Services?

Forget about all of your worries regarding construction and home improvement and give us a call. We are available at your service and our team will reach you sooner than you expect them to be!